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Interactive Dance Collaboration

2016 Live Performance, Shaping Time . Space, Flux Factory, New York, USA

Concept and Interactive Sound Composition by Jung In Jung
Dance Improvisation by Fumihiro Kikuchi and Valerie Green

Camera by Jonathan Sims
Edited by Jung In Jung


Special Thanks to Keren Anavy for her site-specific visual work Ex Territory.

Temporal is a further development of previous interactive scenography workshop presented at Universidad Carlos III Madrid in Spain called UnoChair, using a chair as an hyperinstrument. 

In Temporal the chair is interpreted as a place to dream, turning it into a surreal object. Extending the use and metaphor of the chair through technology, Gametrak (hacked game controllers) are connected to the seat and frame. When moved by Valerie Green and Fumihiro Kikuchi, the chair triggers a soundscape composed by me.

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