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Interactive Scenography Workshop
Photo by Alfredo Miralles

2016 Interactive Scenography Workshop, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain

Concept and Sound Compositions by Jung In Jung and Javier Aparicio

Interaction Programming by Jung In Jung 

Participated performers - Usama Chaikh Elghoul, Gonzalo Esteve Feliz, Elena Gámez Cruz, Peter Gehlshoj, Yeonji Gong, Paloma Maestre Valencia, Alfredo Miralles, Angel Seijo Vaquero, Eduardo Suarez Suarez, Rocío Tejeda Carerizo

Thanks to Alfredo Miralles Benito for hosting and documenting the workshop.

UnoChair is an interactive scenography workshop I held at Universidad Carlos III Madrid in Spain with my collaborator Javier Aparicio. We decided to put a very ordinary object into a scenography and turn the object to unordinary. Participants created sound environments using a chair as an hyperinstrument, vivifying and transforming situations taken from historical paintings such as Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent Van Gogh or The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse by George Grosz.

Workshop Info:

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