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Thermospheric Station (2014)

Interactive Audiovisual Dance Collaboration / Curatorial Project

Thermospheric Station


Experimental Sound Performance Event

Experimental Sound Performance Event at Flux Factory, New York

Curated by Jung In Jung

Presenting Artists: Nuno da Luz, Dimitrios Skyllas, Motomi Tanaka, Cory Bracken, Dr Dane Lukic, Quentin Burley, Cesspool, Danny Crump, and Richard Garet.

Photos by Amela Parcic & SHIhO

Poster by Amela Parcic

Sponsored by Sungpyo Hong

I curated the experimental music and performance event, Thermospheric Station, at Flux Factory in New York City 2014. The sound artists, Nuno da Luz and Richard Garet, the contemporary classical composer, Dimitrios Skyllas, and the experimetal music duo, Cesspool, were invited to perform under the theme 'Gravity & Non-Gravity'. I composed a new work, Thermospheric Station (Interactive Dance piece - named same as the event title), Dimitrios, (non) Gravity, and Cesspool, The Pull, especially for the theme. 

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