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Thermospheric Station


Interactive Dance Collaboration
Photo by Amela Parcic

2015 Processing, 43 Inverness Street Gallery, London, UK

2015 xCoAx 2015 Conference, CCA, Glasgow, UK

2014 Thermospheric Station, Flux Factory, New York, UK

Concept  and Interactive Sound Composition by Jung In Jung

Dance Improvisation by Dr Dane Lukic, Quentin Burley, Stefanos Dimoulas

Thermospheric Station is an imaginary space where gravity and non-gravity coexist. The sound composition is improvised by both the limited and free physical movement of two dancers. Triggered by game controllers' (Gametrak) red wires, data relating to the position and length is then programmed in MAX/MSP to manipulate sound. 

Thermospheric Station 2014 

Photo by Amela Parcic & SHIhO

xCoAx Conference 2015

Photo by Michael Pawlukiewicz

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