Sound Imagining


Project Manager: Jung In Jung

Undergraduate Mentors: Ching-Fang Wu, Felipe Gutierrez, Matthew Hayes, Michal Czerniak, Mortimer Pavlitski

Special Thanks to Dr Liz Dobson (Senior Lecturer in Music and Music Technology, University of Huddersfield), Simon Jacobs (Head of Music Technology, Greenhead College), Eleanor Samson (Music Professor, Greenhead College), Ignacio Pecino (SonicMaps Developer), S.M.I.C (Sound Music Image Collaboration Research Group in University of Huddersfield), The Blue Rooms, Coffeevolution, Bates Mill

Sound Imagining is four-week workshop programme to create site-specific compositions using the geo-locative app, SonicMaps, in Huddersfield town centre. 25 of Greenhead College Music Technology students participated for this project and they created compositions for five different locations (The Train Station, Byram Arcade, Market Place, Wood Street, and Parish Church Yard). The projects is available to listen using SonicMaps Player with a smartphone.

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