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Photo by Lucas Chih Peng Kao

Concept and Interactive Audiovisual Art - Jung In Jung
Choreography and Performance - Katerina Foti & Natasha Pandermali

Screendance Direction- Lucas Chih Peng Kao

Cinematography - Kirstin McMahon

Grips - Doug Newton & Dylan Newton


Special Thanks to CeReNeM Centre / Drama school, University of Huddersfield

Pen-Y-Pass is a mountain pass in Snowdonia in North West Wales in the UK. The piece draws an epiphany of complete isolation in Snowdon in a wintertime, based on the artist Jung In Jung’s own experience. The performance starts with an encountering moment of the windy mountains and gradually moves to dreamy and surreal scenes. The night falls into complete darkness and only the sound of hail hitting the windows faintly holds consciousness. After the pitch-dark night passes, the sun finally reveals the clear sight of the snow mountains next day. In the film, the two dancers Katarina Foti and Natasa Pandermali tether their bodies with red cables, and data relating to the length of the cables is programmed in Max/MSP to trigger the spontaneous audiovisual composition by Jung. The physical restriction created with the tethered controllers motivated to devise choreography to express the isolation in the snow mountains. 

Collaborating with the film director Lucas Chih Peng Kao and the cinematographer Kirstin McMahon, the film is shot and edited to go beyond documentation and to draw the abstract narrative of the composition. The crew endeavoured to show the interactive technology and the media work as a part of the storyline as videodance. Lit with the low key lighting in the studio, movement of the dancers drift in and out of sync with the smooth movement of camera on dolly and shaky handheld approach trying to reflect the mood of being in the snow mountains. The film aims to take the audience into the surreal scenes where the sound and images become imprinted on the movement of the two dancers.


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