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Oblique Theorem (2012)

Interactive Sound & Dance Collaboration

Oblique Theorem



2016 Live Performance, Concert of Interactive Dance and Multimedia Pieces (Universities of Huddersfield and British Columbia), Huddersfield, UK

2014 Screening, MIVSC São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil

2013 Screening, DANCE LIVE - Dance Film Showcase at Belmont Picturehouse 

2013 Screening, Let's Dance Exhibition at MacRobert Art Centre Stirling

2012 Screening, Sonica: Sonic art for the visually minded 2012 in CCA Glasgow

2012 Live Performance, Edinburgh Science Festival / Dialogue Music Festival, Inspace, Edinburgh, UK

2011 Live Performance, Neon Digital Arts Festival, Chamber East, Dundee, UK

Interactive Sound Composition by Jung In Jung

Choreography and Performance by Skye Reynolds & Tamsyn Russell

Camera by Alkisti Terzi & Jelizaveta Burhanova & Chih Peng Lucas Kao

Edited by Chih Peng Lucas Kao

Special thanks to Emma Snellgrove who performed with us at InSpace. 

Influenced by opposition, Oblique Theorem blurs the boundaries between mechanical and digital, geometric and non-geometric, exploring 'the 'choreography of sound.' Inspired by 'steampunk', the composition begins scratching, stretching, pulling and progresses into tension with sustained and harmonious notes which blur the brutal mechanical with musical tones. The sound design corresponds with an improvised physical score during which the dancers animate and sculpt the sound by manipulating the wires on the hacked game controllers (Gametrak) which are interconnected and fixed on the floor in a triangle formation. Data relating to position and length of the wires is programmed into MAX MSP. 


The film is edited to further blur and push the boundaries of movement and time, creating a dynamic, dream-like narrative where the dancers are trapped and seduced by wires and sound.

Edinburgh Science Festival / Dialogue Music Festival 2012 

Photos by Rocio Jungenfeld



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