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Originally from S.Korea

Currently based in Scotland


2022 Wavetable, Edinburgh, UK

2019 Vivarium Festival, Porto, Portugal

2016 Electric Spring Festival, University of Huddersfield, UK

2015 La Escucha Errante Festival, ZAWP, Bilbao, Spain

2014 Thermospheric Station, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2012 Edinburgh Science Festival / Dialogue Music Festival, Inspace, Edinburgh, UK

2011 Neon Digital Arts Festival, Chamber East, Dundee, UK

2011 Venetian Ball, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, UK

2011 Versatile Beings, Art’s Complex, Edinburgh UK

2011 Art For Life, Wallace House, Edinburgh, UK

2011 Imaginate, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, UK

2010 Love Dance Festival, Dance Base, Edinburgh, UK

2008 Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, UK





2022 Sound: Designed in Dundee, V&A Dundee, Dundee, UK

2014 Kinokophonography Night, Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, NY, USA

2014 Pink Noise Salon, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2014 Nightlight, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2014 Air Show, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2011 Women in Science Festival, Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, UK

2010 Hidden Door Festival, Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, UK

2009 Galerie Nord-Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany





2018 Athens Video Dance Project, Athens, Greece

2014 MIVSC São Carlos Videodance Festival, São Carlos, Brazil

2013 Let’s Dance Festival, Macrobert, Stirling, UK

2012 Sonica - Sonic Art for Visually Minded, Glasgow, UK

2008 Cinemadamare Film Festival, Italy




Music Impossible 

Interactive sound and light installation for young audiences (collaboration)

Family Fun Music Day, Glasgow City Halls

Glasgow, UK


Sponsored by UNESCO


Pandora’s Light Box

Permanent audio guide for visually impaired audiences (collaboration)

Talbot Rice Gallery / Artlink

Edinburgh, UK



The Fairytale of Mærsk 

by Asbjørn Lund, Aarhus School of Architecture 

Exhibited at Milan Design Week, Italy, 2016


Mapping Istanbul 2015 

by Superpool

Exhibited at MAXXI, Rome, Italy, 2015


There is No Fairytale 

by Youngmi Kim

Exhibited at Galerie Nord-Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, 2009



2016 Shaping Time . Space, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2016 Artificial Retirement, Flux Factory, NY, USA

2015 Processing, Inverness Street Gallery, London, UK (co-curating with Bar Yerushalmi)

2014 Thermospheric Station, Flux Factory, NY, USA


2018 ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

2016 Flux Factory (Curatorial), NY, USA

2014 Flux Factory, NY, USA

2011 Dance Base, Edinburgh, UK


2016 Sound ImaginingSound/Vision/Place Festival, University of Huddersfield, UK

2014 Max MSP for beginners, Pioneer Works, NY, USA

2014 Max MSP x Arduino workshop, Flux Factory, NY, USA



2022 Creative Informatics & Creative Scotland Award to attend MTF Labs

2014 Santander Research Scholarship

2014 PhD Scholarship (Half-Fee Waiver), University of Huddersfield

2011 Arts Trust Scotland Grant

2008 Cinemadamare Film Festival Weekly Competition Award 


2022 Martin Compston's Scottish Fling, BBC Scotland, UK

2016 Gagin Lee, "[Special Feature] International Art Residencies", Public Art Magazine, South Korea 

2014 Mitch Waxman, “Nightlight at LIC Community Garden”, Queens Brownstoner, USA

2012 Narang Kim, “Sense & Sound”, 1st Look, South Korea

2011 Mark Harding, “Transmission”, The Skinny, UK

2011 Stephanie Richardson, “RECREA(C)TION: Versatile Beings”, a-n The Artists Information Company, UK


2020 Game Engines Beyond Games Conference, Online

2020 Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), Online

2018 International Conference on Live Interfaces (ICLI), Porto, Portugal 

2016 Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), Bergamo, Italy

2016 ISEA2016 Conference, Hong Kong

2015 Sound / Image Colloquium, University of Greenwich, UK

2015 Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), Glasgow, UK


2022 Research Seminar Series at the Music Department of Maynooth University, Ireland, Online

2022 Podcast - What Does the Future Sound Like, Yorkshire Sound Women Network, Online

2021 Audience of the Future Show & Tell: Immersive Audio, Digital Catapult, Online

2021 PlayAway Festival, Tinderbox, Online

2020 Beyond Conference, UKRI, Online

2019 Arcadia, V&A Dundee, UK

2015 NEoN Mini Symposium, NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, UK


"Sound - [Object] - Dance: A Holistic Approach to Interdisciplinary composition", Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.

"Redefining Failure in a Technologically Driven Era", CLOT Magazine (Online), 2017 

Artists’ Survival Guide, 2013.

“Soundscape Work; Four Different Approaches to Composing with Environmental Audio and Social, Political, and Philosophical Background”, Sound@Media Magazine (online), 2011. 

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